Saturday, February 15, 2020

Roles of a Global Manager Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Roles of a Global Manager - Essay Example According to the Soviet-Belgian joint venture agreement, Wane Machines was supposed to send three experienced executives for the key managerial positions -– to serve as Rus Wayne’s deputy general manager, manufacturing manager, and financial manager for the first two or three years. After that, the Russians would take over the positions. The major objectives of this policy were to provide "assistance in technology and management skills transfer, management systems and processes development, and local personnel coaching." While the obstacles and the issues that came up in staffing were basically due to cultural differences, not all the issues arising out of culture difference would be handled here. This report focuses on the inefficiencies in cross-cultural communication that impacted the smooth functioning of this joint venture. The Soviet law insists that local managers should be in charge as they are most knowledgeable and capable of handling local situations although they do not insist that Soviet citizens should hold the senior-most position. Local nationals were taken in the positions of sales and service managers and human resources manager from the beginning as the knowledge of local and employment practices helps in overcoming these obstacles. These decisions were not implemented. The general manager could not send the three expatriates to Russia as per agreement nor was an HR manager appointed on schedule. The general manager wanted to play the role of HR manager as well. The deputy general manager, an American, sent to Russia had no experience of working in Russia but accepted the job because of career move. The manufacturing manager was from France and his interest in Russia was purely career development. The financial manager, an Englishman sent to Russia had merely 2 years of experience at Wane and hence they provided him training for 6 months before sending him to Russia.  

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Mencius On Human Nature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Mencius On Human Nature - Essay Example To account for how some people develop bad character in life despite having been born with the disposition to do good, Mencius argued that, just as water can be manipulated and forced to flow against the low ground, it is also possible to manipulate human nature to be bad. Mencius gave the following explanation to show that human nature is naturally good.Mencius argued that human beings are born with the virtue of benevolence (heart of compassion/feeling for others), virtue of Righteousness (the feeling of disdain), the virtue of propriety (feeling of respect for others), and lastly the virtue of wisdom (the heart of right and wrong). To demonstrate what he means by claiming that human beings are born with these four virtues, Mencius gave the following example to show that every human person is born with the virtue of benevolence.In this example, Mencius argued that if people saw a child about to fall into a well, they would all, without exception, instantaneously have a feeling of s orrow and fear. Mencius concluded that this fact shows that all human beings are born with the virtue of benevolence or the ability to feel compassion for other people. Another example that can be given to show that human beings are born with some virtues is how people, all over the world, are opposed to some immoral actions.For instance, people all over the world, irrespective of their cultural, religious, political, or educational backgrounds oppose some unethical practices like corruption and murder of innocent people.