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Harassment At Fox Valley Tech - 2547 Words

HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE PREPARED FOR: MR.RICH KESTER INSTRUCTOR AT FOX VALLEY TECH PREPARED BY: ELIZABETH LUEBKE STUDENT AT FOX VALLEY TECH APRIL7, 2015 WRITTEN COMMUNICATION CLASS April 3,2015 Elizabeth S Luebke 519 Washington Ave Neenah, WI 54956 Dear Mr. Rich Kester: This letter sheds light on one of the biggest problems people face in the workplace today. I believe you will find based on my research, that there is a need for awareness of this problem and we need to show individuals there is a way to resolve it. †¢ This report will show you why harassment is such a big problem in the workplace †¢ Current statistics on who’s affected and which professions it occurs most frequently †¢ What solutions there are to this problem and what we can do to draw awareness Primary research consisted of statistics I obtained from 2014 WBI national workplace survey taken by 1000 adults in the United States. Secondary Sources included books, and online resources. The results of my research, to be discussed more in depth in my report, reveal a startling truth that we need too bring awareness to that is harassment does exist in the workplace. I would be happy to go over this report and its conclusions with you at your convenience. This assignment was really rewarding to research and write and opened my eyes to a problem that in the workplace that needs to end. Sincerely, Elizabeth S Luebke Student Fox Valley Tech ESL TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVEShow MoreRelatedAmerican Civil Rights Movement Essay15820 Words   |  64 Pagestopics of wealth, power and human passions. United Artists studio did not shoot its own films, but provided the here of independent producers films. Warner Brothers studio was not very reach, but shot popular gangster films and musicals. XX Century Fox shot musicals and historic films. Universal studio did not have equals during the era of silent cinema, but when talking cinema appeared they had to begin shooting of cheap films, mainly horror films. The Studio years 1930 - 1955. 7500. A needRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pagesmanagers in organizations ensuring that compliance with HR-related laws and regulations occurs. Just to name a few, consider the following areas that must be managed daily by HR staff members. ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  LOGGING ON . . . Equal employment Sexual harassment prevention Health benefit portability Pension compliance reporting ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  Family/medical leaves Safety and health management Union contract grievances Disability accommodations Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small BusinessRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 PagesReverse Discrimination 71 ETHICAL ISSUES IN HRM: English-Only Rules 72 Enforcing Equal Opportunity Employment 72 The Role of the EEOC 72 Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) 73 Current Issues in Employment Law 74 What Is Sexual Harassment? 74 Are Women Reaching the Top of Organizations? 75 DID YOU KNOW?: EEOC Reaches Out to Young Workers 76 HRM in a Global Environment 78 Summary 79 Linking Concepts to Practice: Discussion Questions 52 Developing Diagnostic and Analytical SkillsRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesFormal Power 414 †¢ Personal Power 415 †¢ Which Bases of Power Are Most Effective? 416 †¢ Power and Perceived Justice 416 Dependence: The Key to Power 416 The General Dependence Postulate 416 †¢ What Creates Dependence? 417 Power Tactics 418 Sexual Harassment: Unequal Power in the Workplace 421 Politics: Power in Action 424 Definition of Organizational Politics 424 †¢ The Reality of Politics 424 Causes and Consequences of Political Behavior 426 Factors Contributing to Political Behavior 426 †¢ How Do PeopleRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagesform of value exchange or specie, thus eliminating complicated barter transactions. Middle Eastern Intercontinental Trade In ancient Egypt, the King’s Highway or Royal Road stretched across the Sinai into Jordan and Syria and into the Euphrates Valley. These early merchants practiced their trade following one of the earliest codes of commercial integrity: Do not move the scales, do not change the weights, and do not diminish parts of the bushel. Land bridges later extended to the Phoenicians, theRead MoreStrategic Human Resource Management View.Pdf Uploaded Successfully133347 Words   |  534 Pagespolicies tend to reduce employee turnover. When employees can transfer, they have the opportunity to leave problem situations and are less likely to leave the organization. In addition, effective management of diversity and prevention of sexual harassment tend to increase retention.63 Marriott International, another of Fortune’s top 100 employers, has a workforce consisting of more then 50 percent minorities. The company has an excellent reputation for training and advancement opportunities and hasRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pagesproject management is the shortening of the product life cycle. For example, today in high-tech Chapter 1 Modern Project Management 11 industries the product life cycle is averaging 1 to 3 years. Only 30 years ago, life cycles of 10 to 15 years were not uncommon. Time to market for new products with short life cycles has become increasingly important. A common rule of thumb in the world of high-tech product development is that a six-month project delay can result in a 33 percent loss in

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Civil War During The Reconstruction Era - 906 Words

During the Reconstruction Era, Congress passed many laws to provide equal rights to people of color. But at the local level, specifically in the South, many Democrats took the law into their own hands. They supported the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) hoping to restore the pre-Civil War social hierarchy. The texts in Going to the Source illustrates two groups of individuals who opposed the KKK. In testimonies given by white witnesses, Republicans from the North felt the KKK posed a political and social danger in the South, but did not feel intimidated. The testimonies given by black witnesses were people who had experience of the Klan’s violence, and felt their lives were threatened. The Klan’s attacks on whites were more inclined towards social harassment, while their attacks on blacks, which consisted of voting intimidation and night rides, were violent and abusive because the KKK’s main goal was white supremacy. After the Civil War, many white Republicans from the North moved down South in order to develop more economic opportunities. But this meant that white Republicans brought their own political beliefs. For example, many Northerners that moved down South encouraged economic developments models such as a free labor market. According to David Hardin, a post-Civil War historian, Northerners â€Å"play a central role in shaping new southern governments during Reconstruction† (18). The KKK viewed these white Northerners as moral threat to their political views, so they â€Å"would writeShow MoreRelatedThe Reconstruction Era During The Civil War1370 Words   |  6 PagesThe Reconstruction Era beginning in 1865 marked the period where white men and recently freed African Americans quarreled over the concept of equality on the basis of race as well as where freedom extended to. After the Civil War, there was a power struggle between the Republican and Democratic parties as they had ex tremely distinct ideas on whether African Americans should be free and hold citizen rights. African Americans were able to achieve citizenship as well as have equality through the 14thRead MoreThe Reconstruction Era During The Civil War910 Words   |  4 Pagessports, and many other things. The Reconstruction Era took place after the end of the Civil War. It lasted from 1965 to 1977. It was the North’s way of making peace with not only former slaves, but the South as well. The Reconstruction Era attempted to better the lives of African Americans by making advancements in education and religion. The 15th Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote. 105 African American colleges were created after the Civil War. While life was progressively gettingRead MoreThe Era Of Reconstruction During The Civil War1630 Words   |  7 Pageswhich was imposed by the white people. This contradiction is emblematic of the African-American experience. The era of reconstruction was a short-term success, a medium-term failure, and a foundation for the long-term successes of the civil rights movement in terms of black freedom. The era of reconstruction exposed the radical limits of freedom for natural born citizens in the post-civil war United States. The idea of freedom changed in a tremendous way for the blacks. I would like to begin byRead MoreThe Era Of Reconstruction During The Civil War1275 Words   |  6 PagesThe Era of Reconstruction started in 1855. After the Civil war ended the South was left in shambles. Southern states were left in economic and politic distress and faced renewed social issues. The objective of Reconstruction in the South was to restore the South economically, award freed African Americans the rights to be equal citizens in the eyes of the law, and repair the breakage in the Union. Though the people worked to restore the South they were unable to get over the differences and realitiesRead MoreBenefits Of Reconstruction Era During The Civil War Essay2309 Words   |  10 Pagesthe start of the reconstruction era. African American had also gained a voice in government for the first time in American history. These were just some of the many benefits of reconstruction era. The reconstruction era is a period after the civil war had ended which is the new and improved United States. The civil war was a conflict between the North and the South because of economic differences, social and political, but most importantly Slavery was the main cause of this war. Slavery is aRead MoreCongressional Era Of Reconstruction During Post Civil War Reconstruction2634 Words   |  11 Pagesâ€Å"Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.† —Henry Ford. This was the Southern optimist’s view of what the results of post Civil War Reconstruction could be. Unfortunately, once the Congressional era of Reconstruction began, this view was squandered under federal punishment of the South. This policy led to strained relations between Congress and the ex-Confederate states. The difference of opinion was over how harshly the South should be punished for leaving theRead MoreThe Civil War Was A Grave Cause Of Many Events. Many People1663 Words   |  7 PagesThe civil war was a grave cause of many events. Many people may see the results of the war as a chain reaction to many following eras. One of the most prominent eras that emerged from the civil war was the reconstruction era. The reconstruction era emerged around 1865 and continued until 1877. This time period generally refers to the time in United States history in which the federal government set the conditions that would allow the rebellious Southern states ba ck into the Union. The States wereRead MoreHow Did The Radical Republican s Rise For The Failure Of The Post Civil War Reconstruction?1619 Words   |  7 Pagesfailure of the post-civil war reconstruction? The time between 1863, when Lincoln passed the ten percent act, until the year 1877, when reconstruction was officially ended, will be evaluated with information provided by the sources. The investigation will specifically look to how the Lincoln assassination allowed for the rise in the Radical Republican Party from 1866 to 1868 and the party’s effect on reconstruction acts leading to the failure of the post-civil war reconstruction era. Eric Foner’s novelRead MoreThe End Of The Reconstruction1318 Words   |  6 Pages1860’s there was an Era that started called the reconstruction. The main purpose for the reconstruction was to give African-American people full political and civil equality. However, it was very tough to do this, especially since most white in the south didn’t want the African-Americans to have the same rights as themselves. During this Era there were multiple good things that happened, yet, there were also many bad things that happened. For instance, during the reconstruction the 14th amendmentRead MoreThe Reconstruction Era And The Jim Crow Era1525 Words   |  7 PagesThe Reconstruction Era and The Jim Crow Era were both times of Rapid growth in the United States that were characterized by changes not only on the intrapersonal level, but also on the cultural and legislative level. The Reconstruction Era occurred directly after the civil war and spanned twelve years from 1865 t o 1877 , while the Jim Crow Era occurred from 1877 to 1954. Some of the common themes of these eras were race relations and tension between northern states and southern states. The first

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Bernard Shaw’s Contribution to Realism Free Essays

In 1891, Shaw writes The Quintessence of Ibsenism after seeing Ibsen’s A Doll House two years before. It is a criticism that tells us about Shaw more than Ibsen. In his book he talks about many aspects: the realist and idealist, that idealist wears mask and avoid the truth and reality whereas the realist faces it, and the human behaviors should justify itself by its effect on life; no one is villain and no one is hero because in reality, as Shaw sees, there is no complete man to be hero. We will write a custom essay sample on Bernard Shaw’s Contribution to Realism or any similar topic only for you Order Now From this, it arrived to us his theory that there is no villain or hero because it is a matter of affection of life on an individual. We see in Widowers’ Houses, a character rents a slum houses to poor people, he makes use of them, and here we see the real characters as human being away from the romantic conventions. Also, in The Philanderer, it tackles social problems through witty comedy. Another theory in the book, he talks about the idea Unwomanly Woman who rejects the idealism of womanliness that is capable working for her future and to be independent.As we see in Mrs. Warren’s Profession, when Vive refuses to act in a traditional feminine manner, always speaking her mind and demanding that others treat her as an individual who can work for her future and take her decision. The three plays I mentioned are categorized as â€Å"Plays Unpleasant† because it forces the spectator to face unpleasant facts, and it is not to entertain them but to raise the awareness of social problems there.As a result Shaw answered them with â€Å"â€Å"I do not hesitate to say that many of my critics have bee n completely beaten by the play simply because they are ignorant of society. † Shaw scorned the â€Å"well-made play† thinking that a play should grow out of the imagination not by plans and specifications. And although they play has no certain technique to follow, as Shaw believes, it must be didactic and to teach because it can be more real. He introduces the problem plays as part of the realism exposing many social ill and problems.As he continues his theory, he attacks the traditional Victorian acting, and he sees the need of new school of acting to teach actors how to be â€Å"plastic† that can act in any style and not to be dominated to sentimental roles. Because of his bad experience with censorship about his previous â€Å"Plays Unpleasant†, he should find a way to publish his plays and at the same time satisfying them. So, he tries to lower their defense by making them laugh through the method of clown and absurdist.As a result, he called his next plays as â€Å"Plays Pleasant,† and to not to be as his previous one, he uses the burlesque form to disguise its themes. Although at first he doesn’t like the well-made play, but in Arms and Man, he used it and exploited it to achieve his aim. Moreover, he discovers his style in Italian opera, and he thinks it is more enchantment than drama, besides his drama by mixing the satirical burlesque of Gilbert and the wit of Wild with his operatic style. Styan, J. L. Modern Drama in Theory and Practice: Realism and naturalism. United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 1983. How to cite Bernard Shaw’s Contribution to Realism, Papers